What Boss Protocol is Doing Regarding NFTs and the Environment
To address the environmental impact of NFTs, Boss Protocol is purchasing carbon offsets that go beyond “carbon neutral”.  We will make these projections, our contributions, and the third-parties that we’re working with available to the public here.  Boss Protocol is committed to making these investments in carbon offsets and specific environmental projects a standard and urge other NFT creators to do the same.
Am I Really Only Getting a .jpg?
No.  While there are many NFTs out there that are simply images, our NFTs are designed to have real and immediate utility, granting access to other content to their owners.  While our generative collections do provide unique artwork with provenance on the blockchain, Boss Protocol NFTs are not simply .jpgs.  Each of our NFTs can also grant users added benefits including everything from physical items that can be redeemed using the NFT, to additional NFTs, to other content after the sale.  We’re working on everything from games to films to even collectible hardcover books that will grant you a copy if you hold the NFT.
Will the Hellraiser NFTs have other uses?
Yes.  Every Pinhead NFT can be redeemed for an archival-quality Giclee print of the procedurally-generated artwork created by legendary film concept artist Miles Teves. The physical print you receive will be determined by the NFT you hold, making it the world’s first procedurally-generated art print. The NFT will also unlock access to exclusive Hellraiser collectibles and all of them will entitle their owners (on a future date) to unlock the character in other drops as well as enhanced content in the Masters of Horror video game now in development.
Will Hellraiser be the only NFT that Boss Protocol makes?
No.  We are working with many other properties in film, gaming, music, and traditional media.  The goal with each of these is to bring unique digital collectibles to NFT collectors that also can be redeemed for access to content that wouldn’t otherwise exist.  We will announce these integrations and NFTs in the near future.
Will other horror characters be added to the Masters of Horror?
Yes.  We will be revealing new releases soon and can’t wait to reveal some of the familiar names involved with the Masters of Horror collection.
Why haven’t I heard of Boss Protocol before?
We are a new company created by a group with decades of experience in the licensing, gaming, film, and media spaces who have a keen interest in genre entertainment.  We’ve been working on various elements of this project for more than a year and we’re excited to finally be able to deliver it to collectors and fans.
Why NFTs?
We think NFTs, especially those that can be redeemed for real-world and virtual rewards like the ones we’re working on, are an exciting new type of collectible that can open the door to all kinds of opportunities and offer real ownership of digital content. We also think they can be used to help fan communities kickstart projects in a brand new way. Our NFTs deliver digital content, physical merchandise, and/or one-of-a-kind access that we can’t wait to tell you more about.